The rCB lifecycle using QCITELLUS™

patented technology.

QCI-TELLUS™ Sustainable Technologies Provide:

The QCI-TELLUS™ process has been independently validated by third parties such as SAIC / R.W. Beck and the Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).

The patented QCI-TELLUS™ process is a game changer for the scrap tire waste stream industry. We eliminate scrap tire stockpiles and provide efficient end use for end-of-life tires – producing valuable high-end ASTM qualified byproducts with virtually zero waste, and nearly 100% perfectly clean emissions.  QCI-TELLUS' two-phase process to upcycles 100% of its scrap rubber feedstock into commercially accepted "green" byproducts that can be readily and profitably reintroduced to the chemical, fuels, and allied product markets.  

QCI-TELLUS™ utilizes proprietary thermal refinement technology to upcycle scrap tires in a self-sustaining “closed loop” process.  Unlike an incineration process, which burns input feedstock to produce energy and ash, QCI-TELLUS’ thermal refinement deliberately limits the conversion by heating the feedstock under controlled conditions. This process produces valuable intermediates that can be further processed into "green" marketable raw materials, energy recovery, recycling materials, and ASTM qualified fuels and chemical byproducts using QCI's proprietary Transmolecular™ technology process with the remaining fuel oils.

"Green" Sustainable Byproducts:

​Our focus has always been on the quality of our end products, which have been independently validated by third parties such as SAIC / R.W. Beck and the Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).  QCI-TELLUS™ plants produce several reusable byproducts 1) IsoBlack™, a recycled carbon black; 2) ASTM qualified premium fuels, chemicals, and solvents; 3) steel for recycling; and 4) energy generation byproducts.  

IsoBlack™ is our environmentally friendly, recycled carbon black product that performs as well as its virgin counterpart in commercial rubber and plastics applications, meets ASTM standards for virgin carbon black, and is the only such product that has been successfully tested in passenger tire applications.  While competitor’s efforts to convert scrap rubber into a useable carbon black substitute have failed due to inferior technology and insupportable product economics, QCI-TELLUS IsoBlack™ is the first viable recycled carbon material (“rCB”) that can be used in commercial rubber applications without compromising product quality. 

​​QCI-TELLUS’ patented technology offers the industry’s lowest cost rCB production solution while adding capacity to an under-supplied market.  

Our process truly recovers value from what others categorize as a waste byproduct which they often incinerate or discard in landfills.  The net result is the upcycling of millions of scrap tires per year, the reintroduction of rCB, premium fuels & chemicals, and the sequestration of hundreds of thousands of pounds of Green House Gases (GHG) emissions.  QCI-TELLUS™ manages to do this within the framework of a sustainable, highly-profitable enterprise.

 Waste Tires to Carbon Black, Fuels, Chemicals & Solvents

​“2013 Best Green Technology Innovation Award"

Award Winning Technology!

Waste Tires to Carbon Black, Fuels, Chemicals & Solvents
  • One QCI-TELLUS™ facility processes approximately 3.3 million tires annually and capable of reducing 100% of overall tire waste taken to stockpiles or landfills.
  • Reclamation of usable land within landfills
  • The QCI-TELLUS™ process continuously generates nearly 2 MW per hour.
  • Rugged design for 20+ year operation, using off the shelf equipment
  • Extensive automation for labor savings
  • Recovery of recycled materials for resale
  • Generation of valuable high-end ASTM qualified fuels, chemicals and solvents for resale
  • One QCI-TELLUS™ facility can produce 1.4 million gallons of ASTM qualified fuels
  • Qualification for carbon credits
  • QCI-TELLUS™ byproducts will be labeled as "green" products

​“2013 Best Green Technology Innovation Award"