Waste Plastic to Chemicals & Fuels
  • ​Best overall technical solution available
  • One machine is capable of eliminating 50 tons of waste plastic per day, and converting it to profitable high-end chemicals and fuels.
  • All byproducts meet ASTM standards
  • Flexibility to meet consumer demand by altering the type of fuel produced, while also offering multiple high-end fuel blends.
  • Depending on the type of feed stock, QCI FUELS™ technology is capable of converting up to 97% of the plastic waste into high-end finished liquid fuel and gas products.
  • All intake is used and repurposed, yielding a zero discharge facility.
  • QCI FUELS, LLC is able to operate plants anywhere in the world profitably, even in regions with no government assistance or available credits.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs

Converting Waste Plastic into ASTM qualified

"GREEN" Chemicals, Fuels & Solvents 

Waste Plastic to Chemicals & Fuels

 QCI FUELS™ Plastic to Chemicals & Fuels Technology​ 

QCI FUELS' products have been certified by independent labs, and have met or exceeded all testing requirements.  The byproducts of QCI FUELS™ maintain ultra-low sulfur, high lubricity, ultra-high cetane levels, and high BTU content per gallon.

Additionally, all QCI FUELS™ facilities will contain a Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) on site to run a perfectly clean operation.  The QCI-WESP™ is the most versatile pollution control system on the market and captures particles in the air by applying an electrostatic charge to the particulate.  Designed to meet the emissions requirements of the most demanding applications, the QCI-WESP improves particulate removal efficiency and effectively, and achieves a greater than 99.7% removal efficiency for particulates as small as 0.01 micron.​



Converting Waste Plastic into ASTM qualified

"GREEN" Chemicals, Fuels & Solvents 

QCI FUELS™ has been dedicated to providing solutions for many of the toughest pollution issues our planet faces today.  QCI has invented the only solution for global recycling and repurposing one of Earth’s most significant human contributing waste stream problems – Waste Plastic. 

QCI FUELS™ applies its state-of-the-art technology to convert non-recycled waste plastic  into valuable commodities. Utilizing our patented Transmolecular™ process, QCI FUELS™ produces high-end ASTM qualified “green” chemicals, fuels and solvents.  This process produces clean, recycled, low sulfur, high lubricity byproducts such as D-Fuel™ to be used in the petroleum fuel industry for off-road diesel and fuel oil engines.

One QCI-PCF™ (Plastic to Chemicals & Fuels) machine can handle 50 tons of waste per day, which equates to 12,000  gallons per day of byproducts, or 4 million gallons of liquid fuels per year (depending on the quality of feedstock and run capacity).  QCI-PCF™ machines also have low operating and maintenance costs, which leads to higher profit revenues and lower break-even points.

QCI FUELS, LLC is well positioned to attain waste plastic feed stock well into the future and has the flexibility to meet consumer demand by altering the type of fuel our facility produces, as well as offering multiple high-end blends. 

 "Green" Sustainable Byproducts:

  • ​G-Fuel™, an exceptional high-quality Bulk Gasoline Range HC  
  • D-Fuel™ to be used in the petroleum fuel industry for off-road diesel and fuel oil engines.
  • Q-CET™, an exceptional high-quality bulk Cetane Booster
  • Q-SOL™, an exceptional high-quality bulk White Light Naphtha 
  • Q-KSOL™, a high-quality Ultra-CLear K-1 Kerosene/Solvent