Jeffrey Powell served as the senior Staff Scientist of the UPS Power Division at Emerson Network Power, and was the founding father of the Power Division of Liebert Corporation. Mr. Powell is an expert in two key related technology venues; energy storage and energy conversion. As a member of QCI, Jeffery assists in leading QCI in developing new technologies, with focus on energy conservation.

Bryan Finley

Research & Development Engineer 

Dr. Issac Ray Ph.D.

Advisory Board Pollution Control

WESP Systems

Chris Cuvar

Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer

Egwuatu Ikpeama

Vice President of Chemical Solutions

Pollution Elimination Technologies

Eliminating MSW, Waste Plastic & Scrap Tires Efficiently & Profitably. 

David Noon

Mechanical Engineer / QCI-ESTECH™

Robert Scharaswak

Control Systems Engineer

Mr. Baker provides 33 years of experience in studying environmental impacts of landfills and remedial sites. Mr. Baker is a recognized expert in bioreactor landfills, alternative caps, landfill gas, groundwater quality, hydrogeology, surface water quality management, landfill operational efficiencies, and alternative waste management technologies. John's experience complements QCI's conservation goals. 

Specializing as an Electrial Design Engineer, Mr. Finley has worked in his profession for over 15 years. Additionally, as an assistant to Stan Meyer for 4 years, Bryan brings his expertise of Stan's testing and discoveries. Bryan's expertise assists our team with various QCI experiments and energy conservation needs.


Our expert staff of scientists, chemists, and engineers have developed proprietary technologies that solve several major pollution stream problems at a fraction of the cost than much larger companies who offer little to no profitable outcome.  These solutions have been designed to eliminate pollution and repurpose these fundamentally important molecules within many of the world’s most difficult waste streams – waste plastic, municipal solid waste, scrap tires, and more.  Their efforts have produced remarkable results in generating significant energy and valuable ASTM qualified byproducts.   

John Baker

Advisor-Environmentalist Specialist

Dr. Ray maintains over 30 years expertise in developing solid and liquid particulate air pollution control devices, specifically in the progress of highly efficient, high velocity Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WESP).  Spearheading over 500 WESP installations worldwide, he is at the top of his field.   Dr. Ray assists QCI in working with our customers’ most challenging environmental issues – customers who must bring their equipment and factories into air quality governmental compliance.

A highly skilled, results-driven process engineering professional with extensive experience in production/assembly operations and world class manufacturing, equipment maintenance and repair, machine programming, shipping, customer service, safety/OSHA, and quality assurance for over 25 years.  His valuable background assists the QCI-ESTECH™ business.

Pollution Elimination Technologies

As Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Cuvar has extensive understanding of mechanical engines, power plant operations, and design, as well as a background in nuclear physics and metallurgy (including frequency effects on atomic structures) and organic chemistry (hydrocarbon combustion and HazMat chemistry).   He leads a coalition of scientists who have developed the QC-GAS™ process.  His experience includes the design and fabrication of mechanical components using both rare and common materials, and extensive work with magnetics and their effects on water and metals. He is also an effective instructor and liaison/problem solver between PhD engineers and field implementers.

Mr. Scharaswak brings extensive experience in automation controls to QCI, along with a previous experience and knowledge of both tool and die and machine building.  Mr. Scharaswak is well versed in AutoCAD design and PLC/HMI programming; and was the previous President/Owner of Datatroll, LLC before joining the QCI team.

Mr. Hamby, a co-inventor of the TELLUS Process, is a veteran plant developer and process engineer with more than 30 years experience in the chemical and energy industries. As VP and GM of the Falcon Power Operating Company, Mr. Hamby developed an Operations and Maintenance company to ensure Falcon Seaboard operated efficiently while supporting the company’s global business development activities. 

Matthew Finley

Technical Assistant 

Jeffery Powell

Senior VP of Engineering

Ken Hamby

Engineering Manager / QCI-TELLUS™

Board Member

Mr. Finley has 10+ years of mechanical experience in the aviation industry. Matthew is a certified FAA mechanic, and has extensive training in the fields of pneumatics, hydraulics, jet engine repair, as well as electrical and electronic circuits.  His technical background allows him to be a valuable assistant in all of our technical fields of development.   

An experienced leader of rapidly growing energy technology businesses, Dr. Thomas has a proven track record of building teams of engineering professionals and enhancing corporate revenues.  He combines excellent interpersonal skills with solid engineering, management and organizational capabilities to adapt technologies to market needs.  With honed engineering and critical thinking skills, Dr. Thomas’ attention to detail has provided remarkable growth in the business areas he has led.  

Previously serving as an Oil and Gas Production Chemist for the Shell Petroleum Development Company, and Manager of Laboratory Operations at Paragon Laboratories, Mr. Ikpeama has over 20 years experience from the Oil and Gas Energy Industry. Specializing in Analytical Chemistry, Fossil and Biofuel Chemistry, Process Chemistry, Geo Chemistry, Oil Field Water Chemistry, and Natural Gas and LPG analysis, Eqwuatu leads our Waste to Fuel program and facilities. 

Dr. Theodore Thomas

Engineering Manager / QCI-ESTECH™