Waste Tires to Chemicals and Fuels


QCI-TCF™ is a U.S. based technology company leading the world in the conversion of waste tires and rubber into highly valuable ASTM qualified fuels, chemicals, and solvents.  

QCI-TCF™ eliminates scrap tires and provides efficient end use for end-of-life tires – producing valuable, high-end ASTM qualified byproducts with virtually zero waste, and nearly 100% perfectly clean emissions.  Our patented process up-cycles scrap tires rubber, a major environmental problem, for

in-demand commodities:  IsoBlack™, fuels, chemicals, solvents, and steel. IsoBlack™ is an ASTM compliant ‘drop-in’ recycled carbon black product that performs as well as its virgin counterpart in commercial rubber and plastics applications, but costs considerably less.

QCI-TCF™ end products are blended back into rubber and plastics products, therefore increasing recycled content in consumer products, auto parts, building products, and more, while decreasing waste rubber, a serious environmental problem. QCI-TCF™ is pioneering sustainability in the rubber industry by reusing waste rubber as feed stock to create IsoBlack™ and other high-end products, which reduces the carbon footprint of many rubber products.  Our solution mitigates a major environmental mess while revolutionizing recycled contents into global chemical markets.   We are converting a valuable waste stream to sustainable materials in order to leave the planet in better shape than when we got here.



Waste Discharge Facility


Amount of fuel (Gal) produced by one QCI-TCF plant in one year


Amount of tires one TCF machine processes in one year


QCI-TCF™ has developed a green, marketable, “drop-in” carbon black substitute named IsoBlack™.   IsoBlack™ is the sustainable alternative of a global chemical called carbon black.  Carbon black is an essential 20 billion pound per year chemical ingredient used as a reinforcing agent in rubber products, and as a colorant in plastics applications. IsoBlack™ is  our environmentally friendly, recycled carbon black product that performs as well as its virgin counterpart in commercial rubber and plastics applications, meets ASTM standards for virgin carbon black, and is the only such product that has been successfully tested in passenger tire applications.  


  • N600 and N700 performance characteristics.

  • Used as a drop-in replacement for rubber products, plastic compounders and tires.

  • Successfully tested in tires, extruded goods, belts, hoses, weather-stripping, wiper blades, roofing, black plastic components, etc...

  • Significant cost savings as a partial blend with virgin carbon black rubber or plastic formulations.

  • Independently validated by third parties such as SAIC / R.W.Beck and the Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).