Waste Plastic to Chemicals & Fuels

With the growing applications of plastic in industrial and consumer markets, there is a pressure from local governments and communities to solve a growing global waste plastic problem.  Every year hundreds of millions of tons of plastic are used in the United States, of that approximately 80% ends up in the landfill, 15% ends up in an incinerator, and 5% is recycled. 

QCI-PCF™ is dedicated to converting all waste plastic materials into commercially viable byproducts, utilizing the plastic waste stream from recycling and manufacturing methods.  QCI-PCF's™ innovative technology in waste plastic recycling arena has created a new generation of systems that have overcome previous waste plastic recycling challenges.  Each QCI-PCF™ (Plastic to Chemicals & Fuels) facility can immediately begin to divert 500 tons of plastic per day from heading to local landfills.   Utilizing QCI's proprietary Transmolecular™ technology, this process recaptures the waste stream plastic and converts it into high-end ultra clean chemicals, fuels and solvents without any harmful byproducts and minimal waste.   

Not only is the QCI-PCF™ business model lucrative, but offers a solution to the traditional processes of dealing with waste stream plastic that have detrimental effects on ecosystems and environments, freeing the waste plastic from ever entering our landfills, streams, rivers, lakes and oceans.

Waste Plastic to Chemicals & Fuels