MSW to Energy & Fuels

REAL Community Benefits:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced Odors
  • Elimination of groundwater contamination
  • Detoxification of household chemicals
  • Re-use of 100% of municipal solid waste
  • Reduced waste-treatment time
  • Reduced wear and tear on highways
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption

QCI-MSW’s™ new revolutionary technology increases recycling efficiencies and nearly eliminates all MSW sent to landfills while being profitable.  Our technology reduces municipal solid waste (MSW) by up to 100%; converting it to sterile, inert, organic and non-organic recyclables, and fuels.

Utilization of the QCI-MSW™ technology provides real benefits:  waste volume reduction, transportation reduction, landfill life extension, waste-to-energy conversion, plastic-to-chemical conversion, and fuel creation.  As landfill capacities get smaller, and facility enlargement projects become more expensive, other solutions should be pursued that reduce landfill material, and extend the life of the current facilities.  The transportation requirements of the current method likewise place heavy tolls on society including toxic gas emissions, excessive fuel consumption, and accelerated wear on the highway system.  Additionally, alternative energy sources are being pursued as demand for fossil fuels increases.  The QCI-MSW™ technology provides solutions for each of these ongoing issues.

QCI-MSW™ facilities can completely eliminate the high amount of waste entering our sanitary landfills; our new revolutionary technology is capable of using all contents of unseparated MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) with high efficiency.  

The core of QCI-MSW’s™ technology is a sophisticated autoclave; the rotating autoclave performs a thermo-mechanical pulping process on the wastes, liberating biomass while sterilizing all of the contents, and accomplishing other valuable functions.  The high-pressure, high-temperature steam along with mechanical forces in a rotating vessel significantly reduce the weight and volume of the municipal solid waste by breaking down the materials.

A single QCI-MSW™  system  eliminates approximately 440 tons per day of waste destined for a landfill at near 100% efficiency; continuously generates 11MW of electricity; and, produces upwards of 12,000 gallons of liquid fuel daily.   The economic benefits of this technology are quite significant.   

​The QCI-MSW™ system provides:

  • Rugged design for a 20+ year operation using off the shelf equipment
  • Extensive automation for labor savings
  • Preservation of water and recyclables
  • Recovery of sterilized recycled materials for resale
  • Generation of valuable high-end ASTM qualified fuels, chemicals, and solvents for resale
  • Generation of marketable electricity to be sold to the grid
  • Reclamation of usable land within landfills
  • Qualification for carbon credits

MSW to Energy & Fuels

QCI-MSW™​ offers a scalable, cost-effective technology solutions for sustainable waste disposal