Non-Thermal Plasma Pathogen Elimination System

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QCI-WESP, LLC, a technology leader in commercial/industrial air pollution elimination and cleaning systems, provides solutions for most of the toughest and most harmful pollution and pathogen issues our planet faces today.

Pathogens are a bacterium, virus, or other microorganism that can cause disease in humans and other living organisms. These live and are distributed through our facility HVAC and duct systems quickly and are extremely difficult to control and remove from our buildings, surfaces and surroundings. QCI has developed a new exciting Non-Thermal Plasma Pathogen Elimination System (PlasmaPath™) for all high-profile crowded offices, hospitals, stadiums, incarceration facilities and more. The PlasmaPath™ System destroys all living pathogens with over 60,000 volts while continuously self-cleaning and washing all now-harmless waste into the sewer systems.

This new Non-Thermal Plasma Micro-WESP™ (Wet-Electrostatic Precipitator) based technology is the most robust, self-washing, and maintenance free system in the market today. Installed next to existing HVAC systems on rooftops or at ground level (before or after HVAC system) it connects to and continuously disinfects the entire duct system. A massive 60,000 volts, using very little electrical energy, destroys the lipids and other organic layers in all living pathogens killing them dead instantly and eliminating the problem. Our system also captures and removes everything through our self-cleaning feature.

The recent negative experiences with COVID-19 have demonstrated that current air treatment systems inside such premises as Hospitals, Nursing homes, Schools, Office Buildings, and Cruise ships have performed poorly and even become a breeding ground. Recycled air throughout their existing HVAC systems exacerbates the overall problem. Better than UV and/or filtered methods, the QCI Pathogen Elimination System far outperforms anything in the market today.



Year Guarantee


Pathogens (viruses, bacterium, fungi, protozoa, prions) killed in our process


Removal of all VOCs and odors
2019 University of Michigan Study – Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics “Unlike filtration and UV irradiation, non-thermal plasma (NTP) can address both transport (by (electrical} charge-driven filtration) and infectivity (by reaction with reactive plasma species) of airborne pathogens.

Feature and Benefits

  • Kills 99.99% of all pathogens (viruses, bacterium, fungi, protozoa, prions)

  • Destroys all VOCs and odors

  • Only technology that can eliminate COVID-19

  • Maintenance free

  • Self-cleaning

  • Connects to any HVAC duct system

  • Ozone conversion to oxygen

  • 25 year guarantee

  • 60,000 volts destroys all living organisms 

  • Captures and removes all dead organisms

  • Can treat large volumes of air flow

  • Keeps duct system disinfected

  • Customized for any system

  • Industrial strength design

PlasmaPath™ Specifications


Indoor or outdoor / floor or roof installations


Operating temperature from 40 to 140 °F


Line Voltage: 380 VAC, 400 VAC, 415 VAC, 480 VAC


Design Max. operating pressure: 20 IN. W.C.


Inlet and outlet ducts matched to size.


Support frame and load distribution customized


Unit to be connected to facility ground with line resistance no less than 4 OHMS 


Wash water drains to be connected to facility sewer system.