QCI-ESTECH™ and their partners have been developing municipal waste treatment technologies since 1998, and several generations have been tested and deployed commercially.  Investments have resulted in the world’s best and most profitable integrated system solution for eliminating the MSW problem globally.  Commercial plants have been successfully built and operated for many years throughout Europe. QCI-ESTECH™ technology has earned the coveted“2009 Best Environmental Technology Option”in the UK, and“Best Green Technology Innovation of 2009” in the US!


The improved function and long-lasting characteristics of recycled rubber bring quality to customers’ product lines, while serving the important function of reaching conservation goals. Investment and innovation by QCI-TELLUS™ in the rubber and liquefaction technology arenas (Waste Tires to Recycled Carbon Black) have created a new generation of systems that have overcome industry challenges. QCI-TELLUS™ technology has earned the “2013 Green Technology Innovation Award”from the 2013 Cleantech Forum Entrepreneur Showcase.

Pollution Elimination Technologies

Eliminating MSW, Waste Plastic & Scrap Tires Efficiently & Profitably. 

Pollution Elimination Technologies