Pollution Elimination Technologies


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​​​Based in the Detroit metropolitan area, QCI, LLC is committed to bringing the latest and most reliable environmental and energy efficient technologies to our customers. 

Environmental issues have become a major subject in the last few decades, affecting science and technology throughout the world due to the serious environmental threats and impacts.  The human race and the industrial revolution has been significantly polluting the planet for over 150 years.  Now it's time to reverse these damaging practices and trends through the existing technologies of QCI - the technologies now exist.

QCI has assembled some of the world's best Chemist and Engineers to work towards setting a new global standard in waste management, biofuels, & chemicals.   Recent discoveries and strategic alignments now provide QCI a comprehensive array of custom solutions to assist in the reduction of global pollution and the carbon footprint in all Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), including Waste Plastic and Waste Tires.  This ability positions QCI perfectly to assist all markets in significantly lowering their energy usage, reducing emissions, and decreasing the MSW carbon footprint. 

The companies of QCI, LLC will help diversify the energy mix and make "greener" everyday products while offering a sustainable and economical alternative to landfilling, incineration and petroleum-based fuels and chemicals.

QCI holds the key to reduce fossil fuel consumption, while our clean technology reduces emissions that threaten the environment globally.

Eliminating MSW, Waste Plastic & Scrap Tires Efficiently & Profitably. 

Pollution Elimination Technologies