Municipal Solid Waste

QCI-MSW’s™ new revolutionary technology increases recycling efficiencies and nearly eliminates all municipal solid waste (MSW) sent to landfills.  Our technology reduces MSW by up to 100%; converting it to sterile, inert, organic and non-organic recyclables, and fuels.


Tire to Fuel

QCI-TCF™ is leading the world in the conversion of waste tires and rubber into highly valuable ASTM qualified fuels, chemicals, solvents, and carbon black. Our process truly recovers value from what others categorize as a waste byproduct which they often incinerate or discard in landfills.


Plastic to Fuel

QCI-PCF™ is dedicated to converting all waste plastic materials into commercially viable ASTM qualified fuels, chemicals, and solvents.  QCI-PCF's™ innovative technology in waste plastic recycling arena has created a new generation of systems that have overcome previous waste plastic recycling challenges.

Our Mission

We are passionately committed to providing game-changing solutions for several of the world’s largest pollution problems.  MSW (Municipal Solid Waste - garbage), Waste Plastic and Scrap Tires are the three top problematic issues countries and municipalities face today.  QCI develops the only highly “profitable” solutions that now solve the MSW, Plastic and Tire problems worldwide, not just in countries that can afford to subsidize.  Globally these major problems exist in every country where most offer no assistance, separation or recycling programs.  Growing at nearly 16% annually, these waste streams contribute to almost all pollution on land, in oceans, rivers, and air through incineration and decomposition effecting everyone today and future generations.  QCI’s group of companies has invented the only true clean sustainable patented and proprietary solution for this global problem forever.

Sustainable Solutions

Our ability to provide the best sustainability solutions for today’s businesses allow them to be zero-landfill capable with a zero-carbon footprint.  As the largest industries spend billions to speculate, drill and mine for these “valuable molecules,” only to spend billions more refining and manufacturing countless products, it seems ludicrous that at the end of the day these atoms and molecules are treated as “worthless” and businesses pay to have the waste removed.  QCI re-mines these valuable atoms and molecules back out of these products, extremely efficiently, to produce high-end valuable byproducts to be resold back into these industries at a discount.  Our processes save the planet from these major pollution problems, producing inexpensive energy and other high demand ASTM qualified products while substantially reducing the planet’s carbon footprint and providing all involved significant savings and new revenue streams.

Our Values

QCI is committed to bringing the latest and most reliable environmental and energy efficient technologies to our customers.  We also pride ourselves on developing proprietary breakthrough equipment that help resolve the big pollution problems of today, and will continue solving issues well into the future. 

Our Culture

QCI employs highly qualified scientists, specialists and engineers to stay ahead of the curve, and continue to develop innovative concepts and acquire cutting edge technologies.



Based in the Detroit metropolitan area, QCI, LLC manages 3 companies with industry moving sustainable technologies - Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Energy & Fuels, Waste Plastic to Chemicals & Fuels, and Waste Tires to Recycled Carbon Black & Fuels.  All of the technologies make the world a cleaner and better place to call home.

Environmental issues have become a major subject in the last few decades, affecting science and technology throughout the world due to the serious environmental threats and impacts.  The human race and the industrial revolution has been significantly polluting the planet for over 150 years.  QCI has assembled some of the world's best Chemists and Engineers to work towards setting a new global standard in waste management, biofuels, & chemicals.  Recent discoveries and strategic alignments now provide QCI a comprehensive array of custom solutions to assist in the reduction of global pollution and the carbon footprint of all Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), including Waste Plastic and Waste Tires.

The companies of QCI, LLC
will help diversify the energy mix and make greener everyday products while offering a sustainable and economical alternative to landfilling, incineration and petroleum-based fuels and chemicals.

is committed to bringing the latest and most reliable environmental and energy efficient technologies to our customers. QCI holds the key to reduce fossil fuel consumption, while our clean technology reduces emissions that threaten the environment globally.